D M Jackson------ Jade, a study in perception
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Tango Jade
Easter Island Jade
Run Jade Run
Jade Loves Jade

The links above lead to Jade in all rotations. If one of the orientations were the first one you saw, would you accept it as the correct orientation? Use the full screen feature and ask children what they see. Which one is for you?
This requires a piece of art for which the viewer can assign a meaning or perception like children finding shapes in the sky. It's a dynamic chance to test the viewers perception and mine. In the 1990's I started exploring shapes and perception. The intent is to challenge intent itself. I study shape and form and color in ways that force the observer to insert their perception. When I succeed the painting may have no up or down or meaning other than that of the viewer. I "hold onto the brush and let God paint".
This is a challenge to an artist, to give up intent. Every time these shapes became representative or an up appeared, I tried to paint it out it out. The one orientation you don't prefer may be the orientation in which it was painted. The others are discovered. People see my art on the net and they make up words. Send yours.
This is an abstract mosaic of the Easter island statues. I only say this because of the juxtaposition of curved lines and hard lines. Somewhat unexpectedly, the end result was something that came off as hard. With the curved lines representing aging and time. The hard rigid lines representing perseverance. The Easter island statues represent both. And to take it even a level farther, it is symbolic. Most of the rounded and weathered lines are on the outside, whereas the hard lines are on the inside. The soft rounded ones speaking of aging and erosion. The hard inner lines speak of strength and unity. .......Brent Breitenfeld
Multi-poise....Andy Derryberry
Dancers! Tango...Sherry Rentschler

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