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Artvilla.com    I created Artvilla in 1998. Here is an archive from the Wayback Machine of Artvilla in 1998....I stacked announcement on the top of the front page. First blog? I was early internet and was going to be discovered. I hit "keywords" with my art over the years. I didn't submit or show. I put them on the internet back when images were new and slow. Today Artvilla has thousands of pages and is a major site for poetry and free art lessons. I threw poems, music and art into the early internet and they floated away. Children came and read my poems and saw my art for 21 years.
You never know if you were the butterfly flapping his wings in Brazil and causing a storm in New York.

Motherbird.com I helped John Fish and my friend Summer Breeze (Edy Lou Benjamin) at Motherbird and have been publishing since she passed. Poetry for Peace. Is that as foolish as publishing your art and hoping someone will notice? Motherbird is known for Pablo Neruda translations and dream catcher stories. Think sentient.
Galleries of the world....I like to see the art so I tend to put up social media posts for galleries in major cities. I like their Facebook and Instagram Pages and I get to see art from all over the world. If you have a gallery, you may be in my index.

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